June 19, 2007

Took a couple days off

We took some time off from working on the truck. I moved out of my old house and into a new place, so I took a week off to move and get settled. I used the truck to haul all of my crap. It's coming in handy aready.

We got quite a bit done before the break, just just never got around to posting anything about it. We got the floor installed as well as the walls. Gary (who is now my new roommate) isntalled support beams in the cieling. These will support the sort of "upper level" pop-out sleeping area we will be isntalling later on. Dave is working on assembling the door that will divide the cab from the back of the truck as well as getting all the wiring figured out. Here are some pictures of the progress up to this point.


icarus130 said...

very cool idea... while i've managed to create my own business and avoid the office life of hell, you guys took things in a very cool (and eclectic) direction. I hope this works out really well for you, and no matter what it's going to be one hell of an adventure

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